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Hi, I'm so excited that someone made a Free the Children community!!! Craig Keilburger has been an inspiration to me since I found out about him at the approximate age of 9. I dream of going to a third world country to be and advocate against child labour, and help children and their families where help is needed. Since Leaders Today provides such an oppurtunity, I would love to join one of their groups. However, before I do so, I need to save money and finish all - or at least a good portion - of my schooling. However, this may pose a problem as I will be in my 20s when I am ready to go on a trip and Free the Children and Leaders Today is meant to be run, (aside from coordinators) for children by children, is it not? Will I be too old to participate in the program? Should I become a part of another program that works overseas to stop child labour? Thank you in advance to anyone on here who has answers for me. :)
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